Work and Learn with Spotted Moose Farm

Looking to become a part of the team at Spotted Moose Farm?  There are a number of ways for you to get involved!

Apprentice with us

Apprenticeship is a great way for you to spend a summer immersed in the world of sustainable, regenerative farming, to get to know a season inside and out.

We practice a wide variety of techniques, growing a wide range of vegetable, fruit, and nut, and herb products, so a summer with us will leave you with a diverse of skills and knowledge.

We offer a flexible pay structure and transparent profit sharing for anyone looking to get involved!

To learn more about the farm and whether you think we might be a good fit, have a look at 'The Farm' page for links to Youtube videos made by former apprentices and volunteers.

Employment opportunities

Whether Full or Part time work, we are flexible in offering a wide range of opportunities for locals or nomads alike.

We are a diverse operation with plenty of opportunities to learn and grow. From harvesting and washing, to the full range of garden duties including preparing beds, planting seeds, transplanting, and weed management, we're happy to tailor your employment to your needs.

Volunteer Opportunities


We accept volunteers from around the world on a minimum 1 month basis, 5 days a week, 6 hours a day of dedicated farm work for room and board.

Check out the wwoof website and view our profile at

If you're a local, or a visitor looking for something flexible but consistent, feel free to contact us directly through the website contact form below or at