What can I expect in my Veggie Box?

You can expect a wide variety of delicious, seasonal vegetables & culinary herbs throughout the program.  In the end, we're planning on growing almost every vegetable in the book, and often the most colourful versions, so expect a culinary surprise every week!

We will do our best to provide a balance between shorter lived leafy greens and items like beets, beans and squash which tend to last longer, and will be guaranteeing weeks upon weeks of delicious and colourful carrots in the boxes all summer long.

What kind of box do the veggies come in?

We use Rubbermaid bins to pack individual shares for the CSA program.  We wash and clean them every rotation, but still ask that you do your best to return them to us in clean condition.


Do the vegetables come pre-washed & ready to eat?

All salad mixes, greens, and vegetables come pre-washed & ready to eat. We still recommend you wash them at home before consuming.

Where & when do I pick up my Veggie Box?

We have a few options for pickup.  Easiest for us is to have you swing by the farm on Tuesdays and Thursdays, or we can have the baskets ready for you at one of the local farmers markets, Wednesdays or Sundays.  Feel free to contact us about doing a special weekly delivery to your group, business, or community.  


How long does the program run for? 

As the day approaches we will keep you updated by email, but we are hoping to get things started in mid June and end mid October or later as the season allows.  After your initial 15 week commitment is up, you can continue on the program as long as you like.

What happens if I am late, or miss my Pickup? 

If you know you are going to miss a pickup or be late, please call or email us at least 24 hours ahead of time to let us know so we can make alternative arrangements or simply leave your harvest in the field to grow another day.  It is your responsibility to contact us, if we prepare a box for you but you do not arrive you will forfeit that credit and we will donate the box. This is very important as we do not want to see the produce go to waste.

What happens if I go on vacation?

Let us know as soon as you know, and your credit will simply float on to the following weeks.  As noted above, if you fail to contact us and we harvest a box for you, you will forfeit that credit and we will donate the box.  During your 10 week commitment we only allow for 3 deferrals.  This is to ensure that we reserve the limited spaces in our membership for people who will be around to enjoy it and benefit as much as possible.  

Why can't I pick and choose my vegetables?

We simply don't have the time and necessary technical aid to customize so many boxes each week.  This system will push you to try and to cook new things. In this age of Google searches, you can always find something that will suit your palate to help you hide even the scariest vegetables.


Can I add extra items items to my box?

Yes we offer items that can be added in to your box, which will be offered in our regular newsletters.  Items such as our pasture raised, antibiotic and hormone free pork, bulk in season tomatoes or medicinal herbs, and eggs will be offered to CSA members throughout the season via the regular newsletters. Simply email us with your extra orders and arrange payment upon delivery.

What are my options for methods of payment?

We accept payments of major credit cards, debit, cash, cheque, e-transfer, paypal or direct deposit at SASCU credit union. Details will be in your welcome newsletter. 


When is payment due?

For CSA members paying for full 15 week in advance payment must be paid within two weeks of registration to secure your spot. For members paying by month, payment must be made by the first Saturday of each month.

For any further questions please don't hesitate to send us an email, or even better, come up to the farm or down to the local farmers markets and get to know the farmers behind your food.

Frequently Asked Questions