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Apprenticeships for the 2022 Season are available!

Looking to learn about Permaculture and regenerative agriculture?  Want to learn how to run a successful market garden and small farm?  

We're looking for young, enthusiastic individuals who are hoping to gain the skills and knowledge needed to start a project of their own! 


Our apprenticeship program runs from March until end of October.  We take up to six apprentices on the farm each year, with a minimum 4 month commitment.

You will learn a broad spectrum of skills, and learn to use a wide range of some of the latest innovative tools and techniques.

What you'll get:

  • Hands on training in every aspect of our diverse farm operation, from sowing and transplanting, to weed and pest management, animal husbandry, and selling at the markets

  • Experience with the wide range of tasks needed to run a successful small scale natural garden, orchard, and farm

  • Experience with some of the newest, innovative tools like our BCS walk behind tractor, soil blockers, Paperpot transplanter, direct seeding machines, wheel and wire hoes, along with some of those tried and tested tools like the stirrup hoe and the broadfork

  • Learn about the soil food web through the creation of composts, worm castings, and our supercharged comfrey tea

  • Become immersed in our world, learn what it takes to not simply run a farm and garden, but to work towards true community based sustainability and resilience.  Learn how to prepare for a winter season through dehydrating, pickling, fermenting and preserving the abundance.

  • Learn not just about the plants we grow, but about foraging the wild surroundings.  Our forests are filled with an incredible diversity of gourmet edible and medicinal mushrooms, wild berries and herbs.

We offer a flexible pay structure depending on your experience and commitment, and offer a profit sharing system for any apprentices looking to stay on for the full 8 months!

Apprentices can either live off site, or live on the farm in a communal situation.  We move into our tiny home for the summer months, and turn our house over to volunteers and apprentices.  There are 2 private rooms to choose from, all with queen beds, and we provide pillows, sheets, and blankets. Laundry and washrooms are shared.  We also have a small cabin for those who prefer a bit more privacy.  Meals are prepared communally with produce from the garden, and a well stocked pantry.

Contact us today if you think you'd like to join us!


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