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our vision

Spotted Moose Farm has come into existence for many reasons. 

First and foremost, we hope to educate a new generation of regenerative farmers who will lead the way in the shift happening in the way we relate to our food and our land. The people have awoken to the horrors of industrial agriculture, and years of soil degradation and abuse have led us collectively to the verge of a major food crisis.

The real purpose of Spotted Moose Farm is to inspire.  Much of the motivation behind the farm lies in breaking away from our dependence on fossil fuels, industrial chemicals, and poisons in our agricultural systems.  We are destroying our soils, depleting our reservoirs and aquifers, and poisoning our planet for future generations.  We hope to demonstrate some of the revolutionary ideas coming our of the worlds of permaculture, biodynamics, and sustainable living and homesteading.  As our farmer population continues to age, we need to provide a model and demonstrate to other young, aspiring farmers that the lifestyle and the poison free diet are worth the jump, and that the rewards that come from providing your community with fresh, naturally grown and raised foods and working out in the sun every day are endless.

We will follow in the footsteps of many pioneers of sustainable food production and permaculture, while maintaining our own innovation by observing, learning, and testing revolutionary ideas.


In order to build a truly self sustaining farm system, we recognize the importance of a strong community and of our dependence and interconnections on the people around us. The volatile nature of the economy and the state of the industrial agricultural system, coupled with the fact that the large majority of humans now no longer know how to provide their own food and shelter, make our times some of the most exciting yet frightening to be a part of.


Techniques for land regeneration are important now more than ever, and innovative methods of food production have the potential to change the landscape of food production and feed a growing population.  If humanity is going to sustain itself indefinitely on this planet, a transition to sustainable, regenerative agriculture is not a choice, but an absolute requirement. In this transition, we hope to lead the way and inspire others to follow in our footsteps as we ride the wave of change towards a more holistic way of producing and connecting with our food

We hope to create an extremely diverse and highly productive system, while maintaining our honest trajectory towards a self sustaining system.  Central to our philosophy is to provide space for experimentation and intuitive farming.  We all have our experiences and the knowledge that comes with them, and we have all had our tastes of conventional and alternative modes of agriculture to help guide us.  We further hope to draw on our guests and visitors to help us realize the true potential of our incredible property.

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