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Located on an agriculture rich bench on the north side of Shuswap Lake, Spotted Moose Farm, formerly Celista Springs Ranch, is a biodiverse paradise.  Blessed with three creeks, many springs, and a 15 acre bog, this land was chosen because of the abundance of clean, natural water to irrigate our crops and provide us and our animals with pure, natural drinking water.  Our lush cedar and birch forests are riparian areas, protecting those precious water sources, and we have ample cleared land which will act as our canvas as we move towards a completely self sustained farm system.  The farm slopes south towards the sun gently, and the homestead as well as animal barns are all protected between the creeks within a small clearing in the forest.  We are only a few minutes from the beaches of Shuswap lake, and enjoy amazing hours of sunlight under the watchful eyes of Mount Riley.

The diverse terrain and abundance of water and natural sub irrigation, make this property ideal for creating a diverse perennial polyculture system.  The diversity of crops we can grow is endless, with the potential for a biodiverse system and endless microclimates.  We have acres of wild raspberries and productive salmon berries along every fringe, and the fields and forest abound with medicinal plants and fungi of all kinds.. 

The township of Celista is a laid back paradise, with friendly neighbours and a tourist boom during the busy months in the summer.  Shuswap lake, within 5 minute drive from our doors, is a summer houseboating and vacation hotspot, and the mountains around us boast world class mountain biking, snowmobiling, and ski resorts.

Have a look at some of the videos created by former apprentices and volunteers for a better understanding of who we are.

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