About Our CSA

What is a CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture is a wonderful way

for a community to support and reconnect with farmers

in their area.  At its heart, CSA is an exchange, whereby

anyone in the community can join a limited membership

by prepaying for a weekly vegetable harvest box in the

spring, when farmers can use the support most. The farmer

repays this act of good faith by providing the group with

wholesale prices on the freshest in season produce, and

in this exchange, a healthy community grows around local

food networks. 


How our CSA works

Our CSA this year is open to all North & South Shuswap residents! Fill out the CSA registration contact form and we will send you a registration form. Send it back to us filled in, and most importantly, tell us which pick up day works best for you.  Either swing by the farm on Tuesdays or Thursdays, or we could have the baskets ready for you at one of the local farmers markets during the summer months, Wednesdays or Sundays. New this year, we will be bringing boxes to Salmon Arm Farmer's Markets on Saturday for pick up.

  If you are living in a neighbourhood or RV park where at least a few residents would be interested in a weekly delivery, feel free to contact us about doing a special weekly delivery to your community.  

Paying ahead = Great deals!

Summer Program

Advance pay 15 weeks (June- September) 

$600 - Family box value of $45 for $40/wk. (savings of $75) + Bonus Fall basket!! 

$300- 2 Person box value of $23 for $20/ wk. (savings of $45) + Bonus Fall basket!!


Pay per month (1st Saturday of the month or prearranged date)

$200 - Family box 

$100 - 2 Person box 

Fall Program

Advance pay 4, 6 or 8 weeks (October- November)

$20 / wk. = $100, $120 or $160

Once registered, there are two options.  A small box will be available at $20 a week and is suitable for  2 or 3 people for a week.  A larger box at $40 is available for families or anyone wanting the bulk of their food needs from the farm.  The boxes will focus on fresh vegetables, and we will be giving our CSA members first option when some of our limited fruit is ready.  Check out our What we Grow section to view what veggies are in season and what to expect in your box throughout the summer and fall. 

The Benefits

Many of the benefits for the farm are obvious.  We have a reliable, local market to sell our produce to, and we can be paid in advance to invest in some of the necessary tools and inventory at the start of the season.  We also create a strong network in our local community, and are able to grow at a steady pace.  

For you, our supporter, you get a reliable source of life giving, natural food from right down the road, and at wholesale cost.  You support us, knowing that no matter what happens in the volatile world of industrial food production, you'll have a healthy sustainable farm down the road to provide for you and your family.  


You also help us to diversify, and in the end, this diversity will also benefit you.  As we grow, we will strive to provide as many avenues of sustainable food production as possible, so our growth will mean local edible and medicinal mushrooms, and a diverse range of fruit, berries, and nuts in our sustainable orchards and food forests. In the end, everyone wins when local food networks are strengthened.  


Thank you for your support! We look forward to meeting you!