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We sell virtually every cut of pork available, along with locally cured hams, sausages, and bacon.  Our herd of heritage breed mulefoot pigs are raised in our green pastures using portable fences, and help us compost all of our vegetable remnants and damaged produce.  We strive to keep them happy and healthy with a balanced diet, clean water and fresh air.  We never use growth hormones, steroids or antibiotics.

Every year we raise a limited number of turkeys and ducks.  They are completely free range, and we only raise so many so there is never competition for the abundance of wild foods. 

Contact us to reserve your Thanksgiving or Christmas turkey, or to discuss a variety pack to fill your freezer!

Variety packs are based on a volume price and can be customized.

A $50 pack has a $60 value,

$100 pack has a $115 value,

$150 pack has a $175 value

20% discount applies to purchases of $300 or more


$150 box ($175 value)

2 x Pork chops or steaks

2 x Canadian Breakfast Sausage or Maple Breakfast Sausage

2 x Hot Italian Dinner Sausages

2 x Wild Mushroom Dinner Sausages

2 x Bacon

1 x Shoulder Roast

1 x Ham or Duck